Strategies & Plans

Key RAHA Strategies


  • Supporting voluntary repatriation
  • Enhancing access to shelter and essential social services
  • Creating and diversifying livelihood opportunities
  • Enhancing social land environmental protection by supporting peaceful co-existence between refugees and host communities
  • Strengthening the capacity development of national authorities, organizations and communities


  • Restoration of social services and infrastructure
  • Improved livelihoods and local economies
  • Greater social cohesion through community development Improved social protection for co-existing Pakistani and Afghan communities
  • Restoration and improvement of the environment


  • Vulnerable and marginalized populations have equitable access and use of quality services
  • Inclusive economic growth through the development of sustainable livelihoods
  • Strengthened governance and social cohesion
  • Increased national resilience to disasters, crises and external shocks
  • Gender equality and social justice
  • Food and nutrition security for the most vulnerable groups