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Allowed to Work Status

Any organization NGO/INGO working for welfare of Afghan Refugees (ARs) and Host communities would require Allowed to Work Status (ATWS) approved from Ministry of SAFRON. Applications for issuance of ATWS are received at CCAR (Chief Commissioniarate Afghan Refugees Islamabad) and provincial CARs (Commissioniarate Afghan Refugees)

S.No Name of NGO SAFRON Reference Letter Valid Suspended
1 Institute for Development & Empowerment Axis (IDEA) F.No 1(2) RW / 2020 11-19-2021
2 Sarhad Rural Support Program (SRSP) F.3/14/Admn/NGO/CAR/17 12-11-2021
3 M/S Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) F.3/14/Admn/NGO/CCAR/17 08-03-2021
4 M/S Community World Service Asia (CWSA) F.1(4)-RW/2020 12-17-2020
5 M/s Youth Organization (YO) No. 2(1)-RW/2020 06-21-2022
6 M/s Initiative for Development & Empowerment Axis (IDEA) No. 1(2)-RW/2020 10-21-2022
7 M/s Friends Welfare Association (FWA) No. F. 195)-RW/2020 01-08-2022
8 M/s Pakistan Village Development Program No. F. 1(4)-RW/2020 11-22-2022
9 M/s Rahnuma-Family Planning Association of Pakistan No. 1(2)-RW/2020 11-22-2022
10 M/s Human Appeal, Pakistan (HA-Pak) No. 2(2)-RW/2020 08-16-2022
11 M/s Action Against Hunger No. 2(2)-RW/2020 08-16-2022
12 M/s Basic Education and Employable Skill Training Pakistan (BEST-Pak) No. F. 1(5)-RW/2020 11-28-2022
13 M/s Frontier Primary Health Care (FPHC) No. F. 1(3)-RW/2020 12-09-2022
14 M/s Community World Service Asia (CWSA) No. F. 1(3)-RW/2020 03-04-2022
15 M/s Hundreds of Original Projects for Employment (HOPE'87) No. 1(1)-RW/2020 10-24-2022
16 M/s Kokyo Naki Kodomotachhi (KNK) No. 1(1)-RW/2020 10-24-2022
17 M/s Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) No. 1(1)-RW/2020 09-29-2022
18 M/s Pak Rural Development Society (PRDP) No. F. 1(5)-RW/2020 01-15-2023
19 M/s Women Empowerment Organization No. 2(1)-RW/2020 12-31-2022
20 M/s Mercy Corps Organization No. 2(1)-RW/2020 11-24-2022
21 M/s SABAWON No. 2(1)-RW/2020 12-28-2022
22 M/s CARE International in Pakistan No. 1(1)-RW/2020 10-24-2022
23 M/s Society for Community Strengthening and Promotion of Education Balochistan (SCSPEB) No. F. 1(4)-RW/2020 02-13-2023
24 M/s Innovative Development Organization (IDO) No. F. 1(4)-RW/2020 02-06-2023
25 M/s Relief International No. 1(1)-RW/2020 01-24-2023
26 M/s Integrated Regional Support Programme No. 1(3)-RW/2016 10-02-2023
27 M/s International Rescue Committee No. 1(1)-RW/2020 02-07-2023
28 M/s Blue Veins No. F. 1(5)-RW/2020 06-30-2022
29 M/s Khwendo Kor No. F. 1(3)-RW/2020 01-20-2023
30 M/s Balochistan Rural Support Program No. 2(1)-RW/2020 04-24-2023
31 M/s Inspire Pakistan No. 1(5)-RW/2020 12-31-2023
32 M/s Diva Welfare Organization (DWO) No. F.1 (4)-RW/2020 04-24-2023
33 M/s Society for Human Rights and Prisoners' Aid (SHARP) No. 1(5)-RW/2020 12-13-2023
34 M/s Pakistan Lions Youth Council (PLYC) No. 2(1)-RW/2022 08-24-2023
35 M/s Pathfinder International,USA No. 2(2)-RW/2020 02-15-2023
36 M/s Medecins du Monde (MDM) No. 1(1)-RW/2020 01-24-2023
37 M/s TARAQEE Foundation No. F.2(4)RW/2022 06-30-2023
38 M/s CARE International in Pakistan No. 1(10)-RW/2022 12-08-2025