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Allowed to Work Status

Any organization NGO/INGO working for welfare of Afghan Refugees (ARs) and Host communities would require Allowed to Work Status (ATWS) approved from Ministry of SAFRON. Applications for issuance of ATWS are received at CCAR (Chief Commissioniarate Afghan Refugees Islamabad) and provincial CARs (Commissioniarate Afghan Refugees)

S.No Name of NGO SAFRON Reference Letter Valid Suspended
1 M/s Society for Human & Environment Development (SHED) f.11(25)-RW/2013 Expired
2 M/s Rural Empowerment & Institutional Development (REPID) f.11(25)-RW/2013 Expired
3 M/s Women Empowerment Organization (WEO) 5(23)RW/2011 dated 05-04-2011 Expired
4 M/s ALISEI 11(25)AR-II/99-pt dated 07-12-2011 Expired
5 M/s Basic Education & Employable Skill Training (BEST) 11(25)AR-II/99-pt dated 07-12-2011 Expired
6 M/s Khushal Awareness & Development Organization (KADO) 11(25)AR-II/99-pt dated 07-12-2011 Expired
7 M/s Justified Exploration for Regional & Global Awareness (JERGA) 11(25)AR-II/99-pt dated 15-12-2011 Expired
8 M/s Awaz Welfare Organization (AFO) 11(25)AR-II/99-pt dated 15-12-2011 Expired
9 M/s Intergrated Social Service Program (ISSP) 11(25)RW/2012 dated 02-01-2012 Expired
10 M/s International Medical Crops (IMC) (USA) 5(3)RW/2008 dated 24-06-2012 Expired
11 M/s Needs Welfare Organization (NOW) 5(4)RW/2011 dated 23-01-2012 Expired
12 Institute for Development & Empowerment Axis (IDEA) F.No 1(2) RW / 2020 11-19-2021